Jan 122011
We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help

The American Warrior Documentary Project

Broken Hearts Tour

Broken Hearts Tour

The Broken Hearts Tour fills a need for warriors often caught in political scapegoating, a product of cultures that clash with members internally and externally. Nothing is more devastating to a soldier than being charged with a war crime based on political expediency. The Tour will tell the stories of these troops and their families because often big media ignores them, and these are stories America needs to hear.

Kay B. Day, Editor – The US Report

In the spirit of America, born April 19, 1775, on the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, 400 Minutemen gathered then stood up against the British Forces and fought for freedom. It was during that battle Major John Buttrick stood and yelled “Fire, fellow soldiers, For God’s Sake, Fire.” American history recalls that day as the day “The Shot heard around the World”.

It was in the spirit of Major Buttrick and those who followed his brave warriors that fateful day, our modern day warriors swore to defend and protect liberty and freedom. In the same spirit of those who first fought for freedom, the crew of the Broken Hearts Tour will fight for our brave warriors; fighting for freedom around the world.


We are proud to announce our newest strategic partner and sponsor, the award winning Connecticut Cruise News. The crew of BHT is very excited to have the Connecticut Cruise News working with us to help us connect with our warriors, our veterans and their families throughout the New England area. Together we will help tell the stories of those who sacrificed all in the service of our country.  www.ctcruisenews.com

Oct 052010

The Cover Art has been produced for Part 1, “Broken Hearts: Hidden Collateral Damage of War.” Remember a project like this doesn’t come easy and will cost money to produce; find it in your heart to help just a little if you can. It’s simple, go to the Donate page and click the donate button and give what you can. Every American can show their support, even if it’s only a dollar. If you’re the owner of a company and you’re looking for a project to support with those advertising dollars, this is the project you will want your company name attached to. Visit our Donate page and see how you can get your company involved.

Elizabeth Kilbride was invited to attend and speak at the Leavenworth 10 Rally in Kansas, September 4, 2010. She had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Colonel Allen West who was also a guest speaker. The event was hosted by the Leavenworth 10 families – We Love You!